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Reg Beresford, Club President 1921-2021

You may remember us celebrating the 100th birthday earlier this year of Reg Beresford our Club President. He was rather a special man. An outstanding athlete, a serviceman, club man and a family man. Sadly, he died peacefully on Thursday 14th October 2021. Here’s his daughter Mandy’s tribute to him:

Our very brave Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad REG BERESFORD passed away this morning aged 100 years. He fought through WW2 when he served on HMS Victorious as a Decoder during which time he was part of the Artic convoys and also the sinking of the Bismarck. He played in all the Navy sports teams - football, deck hockey, water polo. He had a very active life playing professional football for Aston Villa and Crystal Palace. My sister Sheila and I had a busy swimming social life through Walsall Swimming Club due to Dad playing water polo and he has been Life President for WSC for several years. He loved his family and supported us all in many ways and we are extremely proud of all his achievements. He managed to stay in his own home due to the excellent support of his carers from Libra - so a big thank you to Deanne Hinks and her team who have provided an exceptional service. At the end he was in hospital but he never whinged about his situation and was brave and dignified to the end. God bless Reg.

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