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New Club Fees from January 2020

From 1st January 2020 (Happy New Decade!), the monthly charges will be going up slightly for swimmers. The club does not take this lightly; fees have remained the same for a number of years but sadly the club's overheads have increased during that time and the commitee have reluctantly made the change.

The new monthly fee structure is on the club website HERE and you will need to alter any standing orders for payments made from 1st January, 2020.

When making standing order payments, please include the swimmer's name and, if possible, the reason for payment. This will help distinguish fees from open meet payments.

Please note that all club Memberships are up for renewal in January and everyone who wants to remain or become a new member will need to fill in a form and pay the annual fees. Membership forms will be given out at training sessions and sent by email.

The fees will need to be in by the end of January as we must get them back to be ASA registered. Again, the preference would be for the fees to be paid by bank transfer and the forms handed back ASAP. There will be committee members available every Sunday in January to collect these from you.

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