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Golden Day at Coventry for Edward & Lachlan

There was plenty of precious metal heading back to Walsall on Sunday as our swimmers took part in the Coventry January Open Meet.

Leading the way was Edward Sherlock with two Golds and a Silver, and Lachlan Woodend with a Gold and Silver.

There were podium finishes also for Alex Walker, Amber Valetta, Amelia Skelding, Gracie Bull, Faith Shepherd and Owen Rowlands.

Outside of the medals, there were good swims also from Isabelle Carpenter Clay, Rhys Irwin, Lily Neal and James Baddeley. Congratulations to all who took part so soon after the holiday indulgences.

Alex Walker

  • Silver: 100m Backstroke

Amber Valetta

  • Silver: 200m Breaststroke

  • Bronze: 50m Backstroke

Amelia Skelding

  • Bronze: 200m Breaststroke

Edward Sherlock

  • Gold: 50m Freestyle

  • Gold: 50m Butterfly

  • Silver: 200m IM

Gracie Bull

  • Bronze: 100m Butterfly

Faith Shepherd

  • Bronze: 50m Butterfly

Lachlan Woodend

  • Gold: 200m Breaststroke

  • Silver: 100m Breaststroke

Owen Rowlands

  • Silver: 50m Breaststroke

  • Silver: 100m Breaststroke

  • Silver: 200m Breaststroke

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