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Debut Stars of Walsall Swimming

Over the past two weekends, lots of bright young swimming stars have emerged blinking from the pool after their first competitive races.

All the coaches hope that this is the start of a glittering journey full of glory and silverware.

So a huge, Walsall Swimming THANK YOU to;

In alphabetical order;

  • Finlay Brennan

  • Callum Clay

  • Harley Cobb

  • Ben Dodwell

  • Robert Dumitru

  • Amray Gill

  • Daniel Gough

  • Kira Head

  • Robyn Hill

  • Lola Humphries

  • Matthew Mansfield

  • Hannah Mears

  • Charlie Minton

  • Elsa Minton

  • Lilly Neal

  • Cleave Poxon

  • Oliver Schwartz

  • Faith Shepherd

  • Josie Sherlock

  • Amelia Skelding

  • Amber Valletta

  • Adam Walker

  • Ruby Woolaston

  • Phoebe Yates

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