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It's Time for December Fees...

We realise that money gets tight around the festive period but your December swimming fees are due this weekend (3rd/4th Dec).

While you might be thinking that your little ones won't be swimming much this month, fees are calculated to take into account annual family holidays and periods such as Christmas, so in effect payment is made for 48 weeks in the year.

If you are making cash payments for training or swimming lessons, someone will be coming around to take payments over the next few days.

It's a lot easier to set up a standing order. Details on fees are on our website and please ask Gwyn, Terry, Valda or Caroline for bank details to set this up. You need to make sure your child's name (or your surname if you're paying for more than one child) is the reference.

We regret that one session a week cannot be paid by standing order.

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